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Ella understands, with her secret of obedience revealed, that she must find Lucinda and have the fairy godmother remove the annoying spell.

There is no real emotional distress on display here but this subject could upset some children who are sensitive to the concept of death. The worst thing about the movie is that it squanders the comedic talents of Erica Idle and Joanna Lumley the latter better served in the outtakes from Eurotrip ; the best thing is its pleasant tone and its smaller touches.

Instead, the humble maiden is miffed by the less than royal treatment shown to the laboring gentle giants and entertaining elves living in the kingdom. I would recommend this book to girls and some boys age because it has magic that children of those ages would love and appreciate.

In a more serious fight, it appears that a character is killed, but it turns out not to be the case. The set design and script are full of intentional anachronisms.

Ella Enchanted

She is seen to be in bed, clearly suffering from some kind of illness. An Unauthorized Biography of the Filmmaker. John de Borman lends his lensing skills to bring out the fantasy world with its bright colors and funky locales.

How can falling under the spell of peer-pressure causes us to make poor decisions? She sings, dances, can act and she has great comedic timing. She sets off on a quest to find Lucinda in the hope she will lift the curse. For example, the girls spend the afternoon at a medieval market that is fashioned after a modern shopping mall, complete with ye olde wooden escalator.

On her journey the heroine encounters ogres, attends a giant's wedding, befriends elves and falls in love with a prince of course. Language No cursing, but some crude language: Why do they have such staying power, even for modern readers?

Aside from that though, there's a nice selection of extended and deleted scenes check out the one where Hattie gets her comeuppance for having been so nasty to Ella!

Ella's mother also becomes ill and dies. Aiden McArdle is also amusing as Slannen, an elf who does not want to spend his life entertaining humans but wants to be a lawyer and fight for elfin equal rights.

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This movie should be suitable for children of all ages but there are a few things which parents may wish to be aware of. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Her mother dies and soon her father an absent-minded and cruel merchant who only cares about being rich remarries, sending her to school with her two step-sisters.

Fox, Joanna Lumley Rated: Theatrical release April 8, Most underutilized are Patrick Bergin "Sleeping with the Enemy" as Ella's apparently clueless father and Parminder Nagra who seems to have wandered onto the set and joined in.

Whenever Ella is told to do something, she must do it, including promising never to reveal her terrible secret.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine - review

Dove approves the film for family viewing. Related home video titles: Armed with a talking book named Benny Jimi Mistrithe product of a botched spell by her nanny, amateur sorceress Mandy Minnie Drivershe sets off on the quest that traverses the kingdom. With good looks, wit, and charm worthy of regular coverage in Medieval Teen Magazine, Charmont has an active fan club, of which Hattie and Olive are charter members.

Poor Ella isn't a doormat; she is literally cursed with obedience.Ella Enchanted – Young maiden, Ella, has been given the ‘gift’ of obedience by her misguided godmother, Lucinda.

Having to do as she is told causes problems with Ella’s family, friends and her new acquaintance, the handsome Prince Char. Apr 09,  · "Ella Enchanted" is enchanted, all right. Based on the beloved novel by Gail Carson Levine, it's a high-spirited charmer, a fantasy that sparkles with delights.

A lot of the fun is generated because it takes place in a world that is one part " Cinderella," one part " /5. Ella Enchanted is far to goofy for its own good.

There have been many re-workings of fairytales, but this one feels too scattershot, like it is purposely trying to be anachronistic (Ella and her friend chat as they are on a hand crank-powered escalator) for no good reason. The film featurette "Making The World Of Ella Enchanted" is terrific fun, as it covers all of the music that made its way into the film and some other information about it, and Kari Kimmel's music video "It's Not Just Make Believe" is well worth watching, and she's got an awesome voice too!

1 review of Ella's Enchanted Treehouses "Ella's Enchanted Treehouses far exceeded our expectations! We stayed at the Gathering Tree with our 4 kids and we were al blown away.

The drive to get there was beautiful and the treehouses are nestled 5/51 Yelp review. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Home / Literature / Ella Enchanted / Brief Summary ; Ella runs away from finishing school (naturally) to find Lucinda, having adventures with elves, giants, ogres, and Prince Charmont (or Char, as he prefers to be called) along the way.

Review of ella enchanted
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